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With our IEP writer you can use our statement bank to rapidly create IEPs or Learning Plans.

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About IEP writer

Writing IEPs or Learning Plans is an essential step towards supporting pupils with special or additional needs. They provide a concise summary of the issues faced by the child and the strategies schools put in place to address these. Our IEP Writer system provides a quick and easy way to write Learning Plans of any type and comes pre packed with a large statement bank, written by experienced education professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

You can create IEPs for free at no charge (click here) but if you want to access more advanced features such as school branding and custom target libraries then we charge £19.95/month.

What if we don't use IEPs?

That's fine - if you take out a subscription you can adjust the template to suit your needs. For example you can rename IEPs to Action Plans, Individual Learning Plans, Pastoral Support Plans etc.

Can we add our school logo and branding?

Yes - you get much more flexibility with a subscription and can add your logo and other school details to the IEP.

What about parents?

An education plan should involve all interest parties and so parents should be given the opportunity to comment on the plan you produce. Our system has an optional parental feature - just distribute the parent codes and they can then comment on the plan you have in place.

What about security?

Safeguarding students is of utmost importance and you are wise to consider this aspect. Rest assured that we take security very seriously and use industry standard SSL encryption for data transfer and key database fields. We are registered with the Data Commissioner and all of our staff have enhanced CRB checks. If you are still concerned about security then we suggest you stick to simple seating charts rather than going data rich.

Do I need to install this software?

Nope – it runs on any internet enabled device such as a laptop or iPad.

Is this the same as IEP Writer v3?

No - IEP Writer v3 is an old CD-ROM based product produced by a different company.

I have question that is not listed here!

Just ask – we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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